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  • are looking to engage the services of an expert logistics and supply chain consultant (see here for relevant article)
  • have a particular project or business initiative in mind, related to logistics or supply chain, and are looking for ideas on how to make a start
  • need the services of an experienced project manager
  • are too busy with your day job to devote the time to identify then execute quantum enhancements to your supply chain
  • understand that you need to make improvements to overall customer service levels (for example improved DIFOT) but aren’t sure how to go about it
  • are running out of warehouse space (see here for relevant article)
  • need to improve the overall cubic utilisation of your warehouse storage (see here for relevant article)
  • are looking to relocate your warehouse
  • wish to make enhancements to warehouse operator productivity
  • need information on how to go about selecting a warehouse management system (WMS)
  • need help to re-lay inventory items in your warehouse storage fixtures (ie product slotting) (see here for relevant article)
  • wish to stream-line your warehouse processes, and introduce Lean concepts (see here for relevant article)
  • are looking for ways to improve your delivery runs, and achieve route optimisation
  • are trying to decide the optimum location of your new distribution centre or warehouse (see here for relevant article)
  • require a traffic management plan for your site
  • want to know how to undertake a logistics audit
  • need a warehouse or workshop safety audit conducted (see here for relevant article)
  • wish to introduce enhancements to your inventory management processes and practices (see here for relevant article)
  • need support on your supply chain strategy
  • need expertise to help you outsource (or insource) logistics services, such as 3PL / transportation
  • wish to establish warehouse / logistics KPI dashboard reporting mechanisms (see here for relevant article)
  • need help to specify your requirements for materials handling equipment (MHE)
  • need to improve the performance of your mine site stores operations and function
  • are building a multi-discipline design team to tender on a major industrial / infrastructure project (eg Defence capability) and need an expert logistics consultant on your team to add value to your bid
  • or, you have an interest in or requirement for any other matter related to logistics and supply chain, and would welcome expert input from a team of experienced professional consultants who have “been there / done that” (see here for relevant article)

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