Inventory Management Consultant

Solving Your Inventory Management Challenges: Elevate Efficiency and Profitability with Our Expert Inventory Management Consulting Services

Frustrated and feeling a little overwhelmed by your inventory issues? Too busy solving problems to improve your inventory systems? Confronted by inventory challenges and lacking strategic direction to resolve them consistently? Need just a little help to breakthrough?

With expertise, industry knowledge and decades of practical experience, we can help.

Our inventory management consulting services can add real value to your business, just as we have for many more before you.

We can perform a Strategic Review to set your direction and identify solutions.  Alternately, you may have a specific issue requiring a practical and focussed procedure or technology.  Either way, we can help your business and lighten your load.


Our expertise and experience allow us to create tailored solutions and provide strategic direction.

  • Right-size your inventory to have the right items in the right quantity and quality when your customers need them
  • Optimise your DIFOT with timely and efficient processes and KPI
  • Improve speed and accuracy through technology, catalogue cleanup or process improvement
  • Improve forecasting and analysis
  • Solve your particular issues around:
    • surplus inventory,
    • rotables and repairables management,
    • materials requirements planning,
    • WIP,
    • safety stock,
    • insurance stock,
    • VMI,
    • consignment stock,
    • stockholding echelons and much more

           with effective tools.

Supply Chain Services Australia’s Inventory Management Consulting Services can help you optimize your inventory processes and drive tangible results, for you and your customers.

Explore how our specialized services can be the key to unlocking efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing overall profitability for your particular industry. Contact us now for an obligation free discussion.


Unmatched Expertise in Inventory Management

Strategic Approach to Consulting

Our Inventory Management Consulting Services go beyond standard solutions. We bring a strategic approach to the table, understanding that effective inventory management is a cornerstone of business success. As seasoned consultants, we’re committed to not just delivering results but transforming your inventory related operations.

Addressing Unique Business Challenges

Every business is unique, and so are its challenges. Our consulting services are tailored to address your specific pain points.   We ensure that our strategies align seamlessly with your objectives. From demand forecasting to technology integration, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to elevate your inventory management game.

Tailored Solutions for Efficient Inventory Management

Demand Forecasting Precision

Maximize your operational efficiency with our precise demand forecasting solutions to optimize stock levels and enhance overall planning processes.

ABC Analysis Customization

Our Inventory Management Consulting Services include a meticulous ABC analysis tailored to your business needs. Categorising inventory based on value, ensures focused efforts on high-value items and minimised costs for lower-value goods.

State-of-the-Art Technology Integration

Stay ahead in the digital landscape with our technology integration expertise. We guide you in selecting and implementing advanced Inventory Management Systems (IMS).   IMS can provide real-time tracking, automated order processing, and data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Supplier Relationship Management Excellence

Forge strong and reliable partnerships with our Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) strategies. Our consultants empower your business to nurture collaborative relationships with suppliers, ensuring a smooth and efficient supply chain.

Advantages of Choosing Supply Chain Services Australia for Inventory Management Consulting Services

Proven Track Record in Consulting Excellence

Benefit from our proven expertise in transforming inventory management strategies across diverse industries. Our track record speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering excellence in consulting.

Customized Solutions for Your Business

Our Inventory Management Consulting Services stand out for their customization. We understand that your business is unique.   Our consultants work closely with you to craft solutions that precisely fit your requirements.

Seize the Opportunity: Contact Us for Specialized Inventory Management Consulting Services

Your journey to enhanced inventory management begins with a single step. Supply Chain Services Australia is here for you.  We strive to be not just consultants but partners dedicated to propelling your business forward. Our Inventory Management Consulting Services deliver results that matter—efficiency, cost reduction, and increased profitability with less stress.

Contact us now to explore how our specialized Inventory Management Consulting Services can transform your business. Elevate your efficiency, reduce costs, and drive profitability with Supply Chain Services Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What industries do you specialize in for inventory management consulting?

Our consulting services cater to a diverse range of industries.  Our satisfied clients come from manufacturing, retail, mining, oil and gas, e-commerce, distribution and many more industries.

2. How can I assess if my business needs inventory management consulting?

If you face challenges such as overstocking, stockouts, or high holding costs, it’s a clear indicator that your business could benefit from our inventory management consulting services. We can not only fix the current problem but correct the causes of those problems to prevent them re-occurring. Contact us for a personalized assessment.

3. What sets your consulting services apart?

We take a strategic and customized approach to solving your particular burning issue. We are not here to sell you inventory management services you don’t need. Our consultants analyse your specific needs and challenges to deliver tailored solutions that align with your business objectives.

4. Can your services integrate with our existing systems?

Absolutely. Our technology integration expertise ensures seamless compatibility with your existing systems. We work to enhance your current setup rather than causing disruptions.

5. How quickly can we expect to see results?

The timeline for results depends on the specific challenges and scope of your project. We aim for efficient and timely implementation, ensuring you experience positive impacts on your inventory management processes.

6. Are inventory management consultants expensive?

Our services are successful because clients see a quick return on investment with payback occurring over and over again.

Contact us for an obligation free discussion on your inventory objectives.   Let’s see if we are the right inventory management consultants for you.

What is a good inventory management consultant?

An inventory management consultant is a professional who provides expert advice on the management and optimisation of inventory.

We help you fix your current inventory problems.   

We help you streamline your inventory processes, improve accuracy, and reduce costs to prevent those problems re-occurring in the future. 

This makes your inventory project an investment in your business with a measurable Return on Investment (ROI).

We also help you apply inventory management practices specific to your industry.

Key Responsibilities of an Inventory Management Consultant

Inventory management consultants are responsible for analysing the current inventory and processes of a business, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing solutions. Issues addressed can include:

  • excess inventory
  • poor delivery in full and on time (DIFOT)
  • poor master data / catalogue descriptions
  • poor classification (demand based, insurance, project, critical…)
  • inaccurate inventory records
  • inefficient processes
  • disconnect between inventory objectives and resource allocation or technology
  • poor or inappropriate key performance indicators (KPI)

We may also provide training to staff and advise on the latest inventory management technologies and best practices.

Why choose SCSA as your Inventory Management Consultant

Your consultant should have a deep understanding of your industry and the specific challenges it faces.

We are up-to-date with the latest practices, trends and technologies in inventory management but more importantly, how they apply in your specific industry.

Whether you are in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, energy, health, or you are a third party logistics provider we have successfully helped many clients in your industry.

We therefore know and understand the particular customer, supplier, product and process impacts on your inventory requirements and how to most efficiently address them.

The Importance of Inventory Accuracy

Inventory accuracy is crucial for maintaining efficient operations and customer satisfaction.  Some important processes include:

Cycle Counting

Cycle counting is a process where a small subset of inventory, in a specific location, is counted on a specified day. Consultants can help implement cycle counting programs to improve inventory accuracy and reduce the need for complete physical inventories.

ABC Analysis

ABC analysis is an inventory categorisation method which can be used in many different ways e.g.

  • group items into three categories:
    • A, high-value items with a low frequency of sales;
    • B, moderate-value items with a moderate frequency of sales; and
    • C, low-value items with a high frequency of sales.
  • Group items by sales volume:
    • A, high value of sales;
    • B, medium value of sales;
    • C, low value of sales.

Consultants can help businesses implement ABC analysis to prioritise your inventory management efforts for specific purposes.

Inventory Reduction Strategies

Inventory reduction can free up cash and reduce storage costs.   But this will not help your business if it leads to increased other costs and poor customer satisfaction.  There are many examples whereby low turnover items are kept in inventory:

  • As insurance items for maintenance,
  • As a necessary part of a critical kit,
  • For an item with long lead times but high customer importance.

Just-In-Time Inventory

In a Just-In-Time (JIT) strategy, materials are only ordered and received as they are needed in the production process. Consultants can help businesses implement JIT systems to reduce inventory levels and costs.


Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock.

Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. Consultants can help businesses set up dropshipping arrangements to eliminate the need for inventory.

The Role of Technology in Inventory Management

Technology can greatly enhance inventory management processes.

Warehouse Management Systems

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are software applications that help control and manage day-to-day operations in a warehouse. Consultants can help businesses select and implement a WMS that meets your needs.

Automated Data Collection

Inventory Management, like all good business, is about being a good middleman.

Inventory Management must balance the needs of customers with materials flow from suppliers. 

Real-time capture and visibility of inventory transactions and holdings is critical if timely decisions are to be made.  Automated data collection technologies, such as barcoding and RFID, can greatly improve inventory accuracy and efficiency.

Your Warehouse Consultant can help with the application of appropriate technologies associated with Automated Data Capture.

The Future of Inventory Management

Inventory management is evolving with the advent of new technologies.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics involves using data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes. Predictive analytics can be used to forecast demand, helping optimise your inventory levels.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) involves connecting physical devices to the internet, allowing them to collect and share data.  IoT can be used to track inventory in real-time, providing businesses with up-to-date inventory information.


Inventory management is a complex but crucial aspect of business operations.

An inventory management consultant can provide valuable expertise and guidance.

An inventory management consultant can help optimise your inventory processes, reduce costs, and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment.


  1. What does an inventory management consultant do? An inventory management consultant provides expert advice on the management and optimisation of inventory.
  2. What is cycle counting? Cycle counting is a process where a small subset of inventory, in a specific location, is counted on a specified day.
  3. What is ABC analysis? ABC analysis is an inventory categorisation method which groups items into three categories based on your value and sales frequency.
  4. What is Just-In-Time inventory? Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory is a strategy where materials are only ordered and received as needed in the production process.
  5. What is the role of technology in inventory management? Technology, such as Warehouse Management Systems and automated data collection, can greatly enhance inventory management processes.
  6. How do I cleanup my catalogue and Master Data? Your consultant can provide master data cleanup services aligning your descriptions with manufacturers or suppliers descriptions and part numbers.  Your consultant can establish a data dictionary with nouns, modifiers and attributes aligned with UNSPC segments, families, classes and commodities.

Contact us for an obligation free discussion on your inventory objectives and how we can provide the right inventory management consulting services for you.

SCSA adds to clients’ bottom-line by providing logistics & supply chain advice, design, and project management services

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What can a poorly managed inventory result in?

Poorly managed inventory can result in the following symptoms and consequences.

  • Poor on-shelf availability
  • Understocked or overstocked inventory
  • Frequent rescheduling
  • High investment in inventory
  • Slow-moving inventory
  • Misplaced inventory items
  • Jam-packed warehouse
  • Poor storage utilization
  • Unnecessary overtime

However, these are not the only problems that you could be facing — there could be several others

If you’re facing any of these issues, get in touch with SCSA and let our experienced team set you up for success. SCSA has your back with our inventory management consultants.

SCSA is here to help clients to solve any of their inventory management issues

How does SCSA help?

There are a number of aspects that define a carefully crafted and managed inventory. If you’re not an inventory management expert, you might get several of these aspects wrong. But that need not be the case with SCSA’s assistance.

SCSA will help you in:

  1. Maintaining the correct amount of inventory: 

When you’re managing a business with limited storage capacity and other limited resources, you can’t afford to hold unnecessary items in your warehouse. Needless to say, you can’t afford to be short on inventory, either. You need to fulfill the demand that your customers have. You need to achieve the correct balance in your inventory amount, and that’s where SCSA’s inventory management consultants come in. Our systems support can help you achieve just the right balance in your inventory.

  1. Inventory total cost management:

There are several cost factors that add up to your total inventory management costs. You have to manage the cost of warehouse rentals and other rental costs for safety equipment to hold dangerous or fragile products. You need human resources to manage and handle the products, count them, and move them. And of course, you need to manage the costs associated with hiring human labor. Other costs like transport costs and bills, also add to the complexities of inventory cost management. But not to worry, SCSA’s has your back when it comes to inventory management systems.

  1. Develop your inventory management plan:

Every business has certain unique requirements for its inventory management that set it apart from others. Unique requirements require a unique solution in the form of a unique inventory management plan. SCSA’s inventory management systems and our expert inventory management consultants can help you get build or refine a unique plan for your business.

Supply Chain & Logistical Services

Let SCSA help you design the most effective warehouse for your business. When it comes to warehouse centre layout design, SCSA is a leader in the field.

Warehouse Optimisation

SCSA consultants are expert at assisting clients to specify WMS requirements to support your business.

3PL Logistics

Whether to outsource any logistics functions to an external 3rd party logistics service provider (3PL) is an important decision for a business to make.

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