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Let us bring value to your bottom line.

We add to our clients’ bottom-line performance by providing subject-matter-expert advice, design, and project management services in the following areas:

Our Results Speak For Themselves

See how SCSA implemented the correct warehouse strategy and systems to optimise Sandvik Mines distribution centre

See how SCSA Logistics Consultants save money and increase efficiency across multiple industries

Supply Chain & Logistical Services

Let SCSA help you design the most effective warehouse for your business. When it comes to warehouse centre layout design, SCSA is a leader in the field.

Warehouse Optimisation

SCSA consultants are expert at assisting clients to specify WMS requirements to support your business.

3PL Logistics

Whether to outsource any logistics functions to an external 3rd party logistics service provider (3PL) is an important decision for a business to make.


Providing Logistic & Supply Chain Solutions

Tailored Logistics consulting & Supply Chain consulting

We add to our clients’ bottom-line performance by providing subject-matter-expert advice, design, and project management services.

Around 80% of the companies around the globe prefer to outsource some or all of their logistics.  However, that doesn’t mean all of these businesses are happy with their outsourcing results.

For your specific business model, the right advice on whether or how to outsource logistics is the key to success. The selection of the right 3PL service providers based on your requirements is our specialty. With our experienced and qualified staff and professional practices and methodologies, we’ll help you determine if logistics outsourcing is right for you and help you find and contract the right service providers for you.

Are you a large scale business needing a 3PL Logistics solution?

Supply Chain Services Australia provides 3PL consultancy services to a range of companies, in a variety of different sectors.

We have special expertise to cater to your business’s needs and derive a bespoke 3PL logistics solution that works the best for you. With our excellent tailored-for-your-business services, you’re destined to grow and prosper in today’s competitive market.

Supply Chain Consulting

SCSA provides subject matter expert consultants in supply chain and logistics, focusing on your bottom line.  Since 1997 Supply Chain Services Australia (SCSA) has provided supply chain and logistics consulting services in both the public and private sectors across mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, fast moving consumer goods, transport and logistics and health sectors.

Everything we do comes down to one thing – creating value in supply chain and logistics. We pride ourselves on our supply chain consulting methods.  SCSA’s highly respected team has a significant record of achievement in the design, review, reengineering and implementation of supply chain solutions. Collectively we have the logistics, supply chain and consulting experience, professional qualifications and commitment to provide the very best design and where appropriate, solution delivery, that will achieve results.

The SCSA Approach to Supply Chain Consulting

SCSA has the connections, understanding and networks in the Australian logistics market that enable us to provide exactly the right solution for our clients’ needs. If you need more from your people we design roles, write role descriptions, map competencies and design and implement competency systems to create competitive advantage – This is why we are one of Australia’s most sought after Supply Chain consultancies.

How Can Supply Chain Consultants Help?

There are a number of ways our supply chain consultants can help you with different aspects of your inventory and supply chain. Here are a few of them to get you started

Quickly asses your inventory costs and suggest plans to reduce them:

Unnecessary and excessive costs are the last thing you can afford to bear when it comes to supply chain inventory.

SCSA’s inventory management consultants can precisely and rapidly assess your inventory costs and help you identify where you can improve. After that, our consultants can help you implement actions that will help you reduce your inventory costs. These actions can include how to safely re-balance the purchase volume and frequency of a specific product according to your warehouse’s space in order to reduce storage costs and increase capacity.

Vendor consolidation can be an essential piece of the procurement puzzle and of value to every business of every size. Our supply chain consultants are experts in the tasks of vendor consolidation and can save you from many of the related problems.

A well located and slotted product makes perfect use of warehouse space and can dramatically improve your productivity and warehouse efficiency. SCSA’s inventory management consultants are experts in product slotting and product locating in warehouses of any kind.

Need To Improve Your Warehouse Efficiency?

Whether you’re just seeking a bit of counsel from our inventory management consultants, or you’re placing the whole task of inventory management design and implementation into our hands — your warehouse’s efficiency is destined to increase.

A poorly managed inventory can cause:

  • Slow-moving or obsolete inventory.
  • Poor on-shelf availability.
  • Crammed warehouse inventory.
  • Too much capital invested in inventory.
  • Reduced sales.
  • Higher costs.

Diagnosing and eliminating problems like these, on your own, is very difficult while keeping daily business operating. A pair of professional eyes and hands to design an inventory management scheme for your warehouse is your best solution. An astutely-crafted inventory design will reduce costs and also make it easier for you to manage items within the inventory making it easier and more efficient to get your hands on a specific item whenever needed.

Experienced Across a Number of Sectors

Supply Chain Services Australia provides consultancy services to the following industry sectors:

  • Resources, including mining and oil & gas
  • Mining services, including equipment suppliers and engineering support
  • Defence
  • Health
  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), including food & beverage
  • Automotive
  • Third party logistics providers (3PL), including warehouse & transport services

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