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SCSA understands what your warehouse requirements are.

Building or occupying a new warehouse is a time of opportunity or great risk depending on the quality of the design and implementation process. The four walls and roof keep the weather out but it’s the integration of people, process, technology and facility into a high performing logistics  operation that delivers the value.

  • Warehouse design & layout – our senior consultants provide design and layout for manufacturing, retail distribution, automotive parts distribution, minesite supply, mining services, oil and gas and engineering support warehouses.
  • Fit out – we can assist you with the whole fit out process from fit for purpose specification through tender issue and selection to installation and handover. We are independent of suppliers and can therefore assure you of a fitout meeting your requirements.
  • Traffic management – we are regularly called upon to design traffic management systems. We also design and implement a traffic management / assessment process linked in to the site OH&S process to ensure that traffic risk management becomes part of the safety culture.
  • Project management – Managing the start up of a new site is a complex and usually time constrained task. Supply Chain Services Australia consultants are seasoned project managers providing project management support and expertise. We have provided project managers for small business relocation and fit-outs through major distribution centre design and build projects to bankable feasibility study projects for mine-site expansions.
  • Logistics network design/ modelling – our consultants can assist with network design and review using the latest modelling technology to determine the optimal location for your supply hubs and networks.

SCSA’s Systems Approach to Facility Design

SCSA designs the components of warehouses as an integrated system for the purpose of achieving performance objectives.


  • Supply chain strategy
  • Parts range and physical profile
  • Transaction levels
  • Stock levels
  • Growth projections
  • Best practice in storage equipment, materials handling equipment & technology
  • Operational processes & business process re-engineering
  • Traffic flows & traffic management
  • Inter-relationships with other buildings – materiel & personnel


  • Warehouse layout and fitout
  • Site master planning
  • Warehouse size, shape, height
  • Building orientation
  • Building structure interfaces (examples – interface between structural columns with warehouse fitout; warehouse slab specification, including flatness / levelness spec)
  • Services interfaces (examples – electrical; mechanical services)
  • Door numbers, sizes & locations
  • Warehouse yard planning


  • Achieve optimum business performance outcomes from the project – through a best matching of the design solution to the business needs
  • Lower facility capex or lease costs
  • Higher long-term operational productivity
  • Safer operation
  • Lower project risk and business risk

SCSA designs the components of warehouses as an integrated system for the purpose of achieving performance objectives.

SCSA adds value by producing warehouse designs that reflect the role of the warehouse, the value that the warehouse adds to customers’ supply chains and the relationship between people, process, technology and the facility.

The mix of major processes should be considered first.  These include (as necessary): Pick and Pack, Cross-dock and Flow through processes incorporating receival, putaway, picking, despatch, packaging, stock maintenance and kitting activities.

Appropriate information, materials handling, storage, packaging and security technologies and their applications can then be selected.

Attributes of people required can then be determined including: number, roles, competencies, knowledge, skills, attitude, Human Factors Engineering, productivity/KPI, management and supervision.

Then finally the facility concept design to house the optimum solution can be described including:  area, height, access (size and location of doors/thoroughfares/restrictions on support locations etc), floor capacity, floor level, ventilation, lighting, orientation, docks, temperature, fire, security, elevation, site location, services (type and location) and traffic flow – internal and external.

SCSA’s warehouse consultants are local. We understand the industrial areas of Malaga and exactly what you need to get your warehouse running efficiently and effectively.   Your warehouse is an essential part of an efficient supply chain — and that’s what SCSA’s warehouse consultants can offer in the Malaga industrial area.

So, what is holding you back? Get in touch with us right now and let our Malaga warehouse consultant specialists help you achieve your desired success.   You only get one chance to get it right.

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Warehouse Optimisation

SCSA consultants are expert at assisting clients to specify WMS requirements to support your business.

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Whether to outsource any logistics functions to an external 3rd party logistics service provider (3PL) is an important decision for a business to make.

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