Inventory Management Consultant

SCSA supports clients with the following inventory management related services:

Managing your inventory in the right way is one of the greatest influences on your supply chain performance.   A mismanaged inventory management system can cause higher capital costs, lower sales and higher operating costs.

Many businesses don’t consider investing as much in inventory management as they do in other supply chain activities. Simply put, inventory management is often considered as a cost centre of a business. In reality, it has the potential to be a major influence on profitability and customer success. The relationship between inventory management and other supply chain activities can be very confusing without assistance.

  • Inventory policy, process, procedure, KPI’s and stockholding review
  • Inventory holding policy review
  • Inventory management process mapping and training
  • Sourcing and implementation of inventory management systems
  • Inventory management system design
  • Inventory training, mentoring and workshops
  • Stocktake planning and supervision of stocktake crews

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Best inventory management practices:

Every business’s inventory management requirements depend on factors like market, industry and general business philosophy. Every business needs a unique set of inventory management practices essentially designed for it. SCSA’s supply chain consultants can help you mould the right solution for your business.

SCSA adds to clients’ bottom-line by providing logistics & supply chain advice, design, and project management services

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What can a poorly managed inventory result in?

Poorly managed inventory can result in the following symptoms and consequences.

  • Poor on-shelf availability
  • Understocked or overstocked inventory
  • Frequent rescheduling
  • High investment in inventory
  • Slow-moving inventory
  • Misplaced inventory items
  • Jam-packed warehouse
  • Poor storage utilization
  • Unnecessary overtime

However, these are not the only problems that you could be facing — there could be several others

If you’re facing any of these issues, get in touch with SCSA and let our experienced team set you up for success. SCSA has your back with our inventory management consultants.

SCSA is here to help clients to solve any of their inventory management issues

How does SCSA help?

There are a number of aspects that define a carefully crafted and managed inventory. If you’re not an inventory management expert, you might get several of these aspects wrong. But that need not be the case with SCSA’s assistance.

SCSA will help you in:

  1. Maintaining the correct amount of inventory: 

When you’re managing a business with limited storage capacity and other limited resources, you can’t afford to hold unnecessary items in your warehouse. Needless to say, you can’t afford to be short on inventory, either. You need to fulfill the demand that your customers have. You need to achieve the correct balance in your inventory amount, and that’s where SCSA’s inventory management consultants come in. Our systems support can help you achieve just the right balance in your inventory.

  1. Inventory total cost management:

There are several cost factors that add up to your total inventory management costs. You have to manage the cost of warehouse rentals and other rental costs for safety equipment to hold dangerous or fragile products. You need human resources to manage and handle the products, count them, and move them. And of course, you need to manage the costs associated with hiring human labor. Other costs like transport costs and bills, also add to the complexities of inventory cost management. But not to worry, SCSA’s has your back when it comes to inventory management systems.

  1. Develop your inventory management plan:

Every business has certain unique requirements for its inventory management that set it apart from others. Unique requirements require a unique solution in the form of a unique inventory management plan. SCSA’s inventory management systems and our expert inventory management consultants can help you get build or refine a unique plan for your business.

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