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Let SCSA help you design the most effective warehouse for your business. When it comes to warehouse centre layout design, SCSA is a leader in the field.

A warehouse/distribution centre/logistics unit (warehouse) is a system operating within a supply chain.  Warehouse system components include people, process, technology and facilities.  The relationship between the attributes of these components dictates the performance of the warehouse (system).   In this case performance has both an internal focus (productivity) and an external one (customer value).  SCSA designs the components of warehouses as an integrated system for the purpose of achieving performance objectives. We achieve this with an understanding of warehouse design principles, the role of the warehouse in the supply chain and supply chain performance objectives.

SCSA adds value by producing warehouse designs that reflect the role of the warehouse (transport consolidation, product mixing, service, contingency protection and/or smoothing), the value that the warehouse adds to customers’ supply chains and the relationship between people, process, technology and the facility.

The mix of major processes should be designed first.  These include (as necessary): Pick and Pack, Cross-dock and Flow through processes incorporating receival, putaway, picking, despatch, packaging, stock maintenance and kitting activities.

Appropriate information, materials handling, storage, packaging and security technologies and their applications can then be selected.

Attributes of people required can then be determined including: number, roles, competencies, knowledge, skills, attitude, Human Factors Engineering, productivity/KPI, management and supervision.

Then finally the facility concept design to house the optimum solution can be described including:  area, height, access (size and location of doors/thoroughfares/restrictions on support locations etc), floor capacity, floor level, ventilation, lighting, orientation, docks, temperature, fire, security, elevation, site location, services (type and location) and traffic flow – internal and external.

SCSA can design each of these components from functional requirements or alternatively integrate components designed in whole or part in other projects into an optimum facility concept.

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SCSA adds to clients’ bottom-line by providing logistics & supply chain advice, design, and project management services

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Warehouse Design

Let SCSA help you design the most effective warehouse for your business. When it comes to warehouse centre layout design, SCSA is a leader in the field.

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SCSA consultants are expert at assisting clients to specify WMS requirements to support your business.

3PL Logistics

Whether to outsource any logistics functions to an external 3rd party logistics service provider (3PL) is an important decision for a business to make.

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